Phone: +30 210 821 8486

Melissa is a network for 
Migrant Women in Greece

Promoting empowerment, communication and active citizenship

Our Aim

Bring migrant women together, promote positive role models and make their voices heard.

Our Vision

Of society is not as a collection of isolated cells, but as a beehive of creativity, communication and exchange.

Our Hope

Is to be a thriving space for the empowerment of refugee women & girls.

A  P l a c e  O f  O n e ’ s  O w n

B r e a k i n g  B r e a d ,  S h a r i n g  S t o r i e s

C e l e b r a t i n g  C u l t u r e s

I m a g i n i n g  t h e  F u t u r e

H o m e  A w a y  F r o m  H o m e

The name ‘Melissa’ stems from the Greek word for bee.

Migrant women are hard-working bees. They have come here from all over the world, bringing long skills and talents, dreams and ideas, unique stories and extraordinary strengths. 

They are agents of change for their own lives, for their families, for their societies, as well as for the society that hosts them.

Despite the adversities that they have faced and continue to face in the current crisis, migrant women are multipliers and integrators.

Melissa is a network for
Migrant Women in Greece

Promoting empowerment, communication and active citizenship.

Melissa Network

Melissa Network is an organization for migrant and refugee women in Greece.
Founded in 2014 with grassroots-based participation, it counts members from over 45 countries.
It provides a platform for networking, capacity building and advocacy and runs an innovative integration program supporting refugee women and children.
18 Feron Str. Victoria Square
104 43 Athens
+30 210821 84860
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