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Enhancing the Integration of Women, Beneficiaries of International Protection by Development and Implementation of Multifaceted Integration Trainings (INTEGRA-TRAIN)

Project Duration
January 31, 2017 - April 30, 2019

Funded by
The project is funded by the European Commission, Directorate-General Migration and Home Affairs.

In the context of increasing refugee inflows in the European continent it becomes highly relevant to propose and implement practical actions responding to existing gaps in migrant/ refugee integration across the EU member states.

This project aims to implement actions in five EU member states (Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Malta and Italy) to foster the integration of migrants (in particular beneficiaries of international protection and women among them) by design and conduct of comprehensive integration trainings. Project Duration: 29 months (01.01.2017-30.04.2019)

The key aims of the project include:
1) To exchange knowledge and experience at cross-national EU level in the sphere of integration training for migrants from member states with longer experience in refugee integration (ES and IT) to countries with weaker and less developed integration structures (BG, EL and MT);

2) To increase preparedness and familiarity of refugees (including refugee women and girls) with the civic, legal, social and cultural realities of their host milieus, as important start up and facilitation tool of the longer-term process of integration;

3) To build the capacity of national NGO and GO stakeholders to offer integration courses to migrants (including women).

The key project actions include:

• Exchange of knowledge: conduct of 5 scoping studies and reports on institutional mechanisms and training needs of migrant women; 2 study visits to integration institutions in ES and IT.

• Exchange and development of experience: collection of integration modules from ES and IT; international train the trainers seminar in integration courses development and conduct; development of national integration modules for migrants and national train the trainers seminars in BG, EL and MT.

• Integration training: conduct of integration trainings for refugees in BG, EL and MT; mid-term evaluation training seminars in BG, EL and MT; development of integration information materials for migrants/ refugees; monitoring of integration trainings in BG, EL and MT and drafting of monitoring reports for optimization of integration training.

Dissemination and ownership transfer: publication and dissemination of integration modules and information  materials and conduct of national dissemination conferences in BG, EL and MT.

Project partners:
Melissa: Network of Migrant Women (Greece)
Center for the Study of Democracy (project coordinator, Bulgaria)
ELIAMEP (Greece)
Melissa: Network of Migrant Women (Greece)
The People for Change Foundation (Malta)
Comissió Catalana d’Ajuda al Refugiat (Spain)
Fondazione Centro Studi Investimenti Sociali (Italy)
Cooperation for Voluntary Service (Bulgaria)

• Support migrant and refugee women’s rights.
• Promote migrant and refugee women’s empowerment and make their voices heard.
• Facilitate networking among groups of diverse ethnic origins, creating an effective structure to enable their networking capacity and their inclusive attitudes promoting tolerance, mutual understanding and solidarity.
• Create a bridge of communication with the host society.
• Introduce new actors into the social sphere, drawing upon their grassroots experience, and encouraging participation and active citizenship.
• Create a space where migrant and refugee women can express their own aspirations and concerns.
• Support and encourage their initiatives.
• Empower migrant and refugee women to find the means to support themselves.
• Record and encourage their ‘informal strategies’ as practiced, in a process of creating rights from below.
• Address the issues confronted by crisis-ridden Greece in creative ways, informed by the women’s own, diverse experiences.
• Widen the advocacy pool and the participation in the public sphere by developing media and communication skills.
• Raise awareness.
• Promote positive role-models.

Melissa Network

Melissa Network is an organization for migrant and refugee women in Greece.
Founded in 2014 with grassroots-based participation, it counts members from over 45 countries.
It provides a platform for networking, capacity building and advocacy and runs an innovative integration program supporting refugee women and children.
18 Feron Str. Victoria Square
104 43 Athens
+30 210821 84860
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