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Marzia, 16, Afghanistan

They make me very strong at Melissa.
They give me hope about the future (...) as a person that can do everything.
Now, I feel that at first, I was like a bird, but now I feel that I can even become a prime-minister in the future. "  
(The Laura Flanders Show)

Noor, 16, Palestine

“If you really want to turn your dreams into reality, you will do it!”
(UNICEF #mazigiaolatapaidia)

Asma, 30, Syria

She’s the new life.
She is the greatest She.
What do I describe?
She gives birth to women who can live.
She brings them to life and takes care of them.
She is full of emotions.
She carries the smell of the Lilly.
She makes you feel like a lost child who finds her mother.
(Poetry workshop with A.E. Stallings)

Melissa Network

Melissa Network is an organization for migrant and refugee women in Greece.
Founded in 2014 with grassroots-based participation, it counts members from over 45 countries.
It provides a platform for networking, capacity building and advocacy and runs an innovative integration program supporting refugee women and children.
18 Feron Str. Victoria Square
104 43 Athens
+30 210821 84860
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